That’s me, on the right.  Snapped last winter for my Twitter profile pic, during my “lets be a social network celebrity” stage.  I love Twitter.  I just wish you were allowed longer posts.  I know there’s Twitlonger, I just don’t like to look at the short url’s on my post.  I’ve seen this on other people’s and think they have something very interesting to say, only to find out they didn’t.  So, on the flip side, I don’t want Twitterland thinking I may have something interesting to say.  At least not beyond my given 140 spaces.  Here’s a secret…I’m not much of a face to face social sort, but I love all the social networks and blog sites that’s out there.  And, it’s so much cooler than chat rooms…are they still around?  Anyway, 1 on 1 I’m OK, put me in front of a large crowd and I freeze.  Public speaking is not for me.

Secret #2…I’m a Dreamer. Not the John Lennon type of dreamer. No, no, those days are behind me now. I was that dreamer once, when I was younger and less jaded. Searching for Utopia, writing for Amnesty International and all that. Now I just daydream.  For instance, I want to live in St Augustine in Florida.  So I dream that I live there.  Now, of course, if I did live there I would want to be somewhere else, but that’s besides the point.  Secret #4, coming up later, will explain one of the reasons I haven’t moved south yet.

Secret #3…I would love to earn my keep by writing.  It doesn’t matter in what medium, be it Screenplays, novels, blogs, news print, etc, etc, etc.  Just to write.  And what an exciting time we are in to be writing too, with all the avenues available to us. It really makes me dizzy thinking of all the possibilities.  Unfortunately, this leads me to secret #4… I’m exceptionally lazy.  I could say more about that, I just don’t feel like it.

Secrets #5 & #6… I’m married to the most amazing woman in the world. I’m serious about that.  I knew the  moment I saw her she was the one.  The easy part was convincing her of that.  That was just a joke.  All kidding aside, she made the first move and probably a good thing she did… I have the two best kids a dad could ask for…”they’re not children. They’re angels!” (haha, Cat In The Hat).

Secret #7…I love the life I’ve been given.  I have an awesome family, I have my health, I have WordPress to dangle my words and I can spend some of my time in the deep recesses of my mind dreaming.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. 1) I’m a social misfit and I think twitter is stingy with their letters
    2) I almost moved to St. Augustine then decided I’m not wealthy enough, so I dream about it.
    3)Making a living writing is a dream I’ve come to realize may never happen
    the other 4) I live in the south
    I cannot relate to 5,6,7, and so on except for my kids whom I love more than life.
    Nice to meet you.

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