Ol’ Mother Nature Is One Fickle…

As a lifelong Ohioan I should be use to Mother Nature pulling the rug out from under us.  She’s is a merciless, merciless lady.  I mean, who gives you a 65 degree day yesterday and then 12 hours later a winter snow storm and single digit temps?  Let me tell who, a very heartless and cold beast!  She pulls these little stunts every year and every year I fall for it.  Every, damn, year.  I guess I could let her get the best of me or I could grab my camera and head outdoors.  I chose to head outdoors! Before pinning a medal on my chest let me tell you this.  That decision was easier to make than expected.

Why is that?  Well, because even on the worst days there can always be some good.  About 45 minutes into my lunch break I get a call telling me I can just stay home.  What?!?  That’s right.  The power went out!  How cool is that?  Very!!

HAHA, take that Mother Nature!

winter, snow 






winter, snow







winter, snow

























winter, snow








winter, snow








_MG_9162 copy




























winter, snow








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2 thoughts on “Ol’ Mother Nature Is One Fickle…

  1. Keep it in Ohio. We don’t want any of it in Kentucky. Had enough. Crying Uncle! And it’s cold outside here too. Went from the 70′s to the teens yesterday.

    • We share similar pains then lol. Cold winters and humid summers! I’ll take the heat over snow any day. I can’t wait for a 70 degree day.

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