30 Thanksgiving Day Thanks

November has become the month of Thanks and rightfully so.  I mean, for the past 29 days I’ve read thanks smeared all over the social media universe by bloggers and friends.  So much so in fact, I was beginning to think that my negligence to participate was a sign that I’m not grateful for all the things I have to be grateful for. With that kind of pressure, I decided that today, Thanksgiving Day, I would list all 30 things I’m grateful for in one, single, blog post.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for more than 30 things, I’m just playing within the governing rules.  Below is my list.

woman1. My Wife –

Waking up and seeing her face every morning is all the inspiration I need

Children on the beach2. My children –

They keep me young and can’t imagine life without all their bangs and clatters

Mother3. My Parents –

They gave me a great childhood and that is priceless

5k run4. The rest of my family –

Family is important and I have one of the best





Man with computer

5. My health –

I don’t know how long I’ll have it, so I’m very grateful for it each and everyday

6. Employment –

I haven’t suffered a single day of unemployment and for that I’m incredibly fortunate

7. Our Home –

Everyone needs a place to hang their hat and I love mine

8. Twitter and Facebook –

I’m a social media junkie

9. Galion, Ohio –

It’s not the best of places but it’s home.  Juxtaposed to what life could have been elsewhere, I’ll take Galion

10. U2 –

I’ve been tapping my toes to their noise since 1983

11. Barnes & Noble –

A good book is a good thing

12. The sun –

I wish it was summer all year long

13. Computers –

I no longer have to think or remember things

14. Internet –

The world at my fingertips.  Is that a slogan?  I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that before

15. Peter Pan –

He taught me that I never have to grow up.  Oh to be a Lost Boy

16. Cincinnati Reds –

I love sports but the Reds are my team of teams.  Take everything else, but leave the Reds

17. The Ohio State University –

I’m not an alumnus, but love Buckeye football

18. Queen sized bed –

I’ve been sleeping on a bed that must have been a 100 years and felt every spring in her body.  The new bed is like sleeping on a cloud

19. Star Wars –

The movie that sparked my love for movies! I still remember watching that Destroyer lumberer across the screen for what felt like forever

20. Cable TV –

Big screen or small screen, they’re both in my blood

21. Veterans –


22. CSPAN –

The best way to get know our congressmen. The good and the bad

23. Democrats –

Blue through and through

24. The 99% –

With politics focusing on the 1%, I’m grateful for the remaining 99%. We make the world go around!!

25. Coke a Cola –

I’ve drank so much of this nectar that my blood is probably brown

26. Wendy’s –

Not home cooking, but meals in bags are so much fun

27. Paved roads –

I can’t image mowing the streets

28. Indoor plumbing –

On cold days like this, I’m soooo glad I’m not taking a shower outside.

29. clothes –

I’ve always been a clothing optional kind of guy and then I saw the People of Walmart pictures

30. You

Last but not least YOU! We are a community of kindred souls, baring ours for the world to read

For all it’s worth those are my 30 thanks for November.  After the first 6, the list isn’t in any particular order, but I can’t imagine what my life would be like without any of them.  Hopefully each of you took a moment today to think of a few things that you’re genuinely grateful for and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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