Death and Rejuvenation

There’s no avoiding it, but fall is banging on the seasonal door, trying desperately to elbow summer out of its way.  Unfortunately, there’s no other way to say this…I hate fall!!  And it’s not even fall that I dislike.  It’s winter!  I despise fall’s splendor, its smell of decay and its cool touch upon my skin, because of winter.  Just the thought of the biting cold, the 5pm sunsets and yes, the most despicable thing of all…snow, makes me very unhappy.  If fall gave way to spring I’d have no qualms with it.  None at all.  The sad fact is, it doesn’t, and I don’t like it for that reason alone.

Enough whining already for goodness sake, right?  It’s still summer even though leaves have started littering the curbs and crevices all around town.  What’s really cool is that my roses think it’s time to bloom again!  Remember my post from early spring I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, But… and my lamenting the fact  they keep coming back every spring bigger and better than the year before despite the fact I do nothing with them?  Well, they’re coming back yet again!  As we speak, they’re blooming.  Maybe they’re stirring to life because it was 90 degrees recently or because we trimmed them down last month.  I don’t know the why of it, but I love the fact they’re coming back.

Picture of a rose picture of a rose bloom   picture of a rose   picture of a dying weed

That last picture is a closeup of a dying weed.  I don’t like them either.

As always, thank you so much for visiting.  I most definitely appreciate it.

Until next time, please take care of yourselves!


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