The HDR Cemetery…it seems less scary this way

There’s no two ways about it…I fear dying.  Yeah, true story, always have and probably always will.  I’m not sure why either, other than it’s so final.  I haven’t been confronted with it too many times in my life.  Lost some family members early on and some later, but all in all Death hasn’t come knocking all that often.  I’m very glad of that too, mind you.  If I can live forever I will be a very happy, very old man.  Lestat is a fortunate beast.

Due to this fear, cemeteries are just plain creepy to me.  The grave markers look so cold and, of course, I know what’s right below them.  No denying that.  I can’t help but think of Carrie or Night of the Living Dead, whenever I set foot inside one.  However, I still visit from time to time.  Maybe it’s some kind of morbid torment, I don’t know, but I go.  And since I just discovered HDR photography, I decided I needed to take my camera somewhere.  So, this week I tightened my belt, drew in my quivering lips and drove to the local cemetery to capture some images.  I must say the HDR photos are much warmer looking and a lot less unnerving to me.

So, here are several images I captured in the couple hours I spent inside the fence…

picture of a mausoleum picture of a monument picture of a monument

picture of a mausoleum picture of a grave marker, tombstone picture of a cemetery

picture of cemetery, monument picture of a cemetery, tombstones

Those are the images I processed.  I agree, a little dark this time, I apologize.  I really do.  Hopefully, I didn’t jinx myself.

Thank you for stopping by.  I really do appreciate your visits.  Please feel free to Like or Share.

Until next time, please take care!


2 thoughts on “The HDR Cemetery…it seems less scary this way

  1. I agree with you completely on the dying thing but you’ve done a lovely job of capturing the cemetery’s beauty. I’m planning to come back afterwards tho so no worries!!

    • lol, hopefully I come back also and totally aware of this life when I do, if that’s possible. Thank you so much for your comments! I truly appreciate them!

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