4th of July Weekend 2013

I have to admit, Independence Day was a bit tough this year.  Why?  It rained every single day.  However, in between the raindrops we were able to attend a cookout on the 4th and watched the Crazy Gringos yesterday.  We caught the Gringos last year also, they’re a very good local band that performs a bunch of covers.  A couple members of the band are Middle School teachers so my daughter was or wasn’t excited to see them.  Teenagers, jeez.

The images that follow are from the four day weekend captured in between the rain 🙂

The first few photos are of the setting for the cookout.

Independence Day, 4th of July, garage

4th of July, fence

4th of July, picture of american flag, fern

4th of july, pictures of american flag, ferns

The participants…

4th of july, pictures of famity

knights of the Food Table

4th of july, daughter

As I’ve said in previous posts, my son only allows photos of himself if he’s running or…

4th of july, son

…playing with fire!

4th of july, son, fire, sparklers

And finally the Crazy Gringos!

Crazy Gringos, 4th of July

and then the RAIN!!

4th of july, Crazy Gringos

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July weekend however you spent it, wherever you were and whoever you were with.

Thank you for visiting!  I truly appreciate it.

Please “Like” if you would and if you really enjoyed it, feel free to share.

Here’s the Gringos website, just in case you want to visit them.

Until next time…take of yourselves.


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