Into The Belly of the Labyrinth

My daughter and I spent Tuesday afternoon in the belly of a labyrinth.  This labyrinth was actually a nature path at the Heckert Nature Preserve located just outside of town.  We spent a couple hours in the intricate concourse of paths which convinced my daughter that we were moving deeper into the woods as opposed to working our way out.  She had no need to worry I was in complete control.  Famous last words…

Park sign


nature path

The mouth of the labyrinth


We should have known we were in trouble as soon as we saw this…

uprooted tree,


…but we pressed on and saw some interesting things.

walk bridge


water runoff




After looking at the completely green and brown surroundings for so long it was nice to see a little color…


fungi, mushroom


This next image was a bit of a weird experience.  Murissa thought we were lost and walking deeper and deeper into trouble, so I thought I would start shouting “Josh!”  You know, from the Blair Witch Project.  As I’m acting a fool, trying to scare a teenager, I’m looking around for something to photograph when she yells, “Dad, look at that!”

I’m not sure how I missed it, but right there in front of us was…

tee pee,


…yes, a tee pee!  Right there in front of us.  With that, I decided to stop reenacting the Blair Witch before things got real creepy.

So we continued to battled the mud, a little rain, a battalion of mosquitoes, the Blair Witch and near slips and falls, all in flip flops to eventually emerge from our nightmare (lol) unscathed.

nature path

I’m posting this last image just so everyone can see what a twisted maze we traveled through and how lucky we were to make it out alive!!  The blue vein is the horrific path we followed…



See what I mean?

As always, thank you so much for visiting!  I appreciate it! 




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