A Walk Through the Woods

With my camera in tow, I spent a couple hours visiting Lowe-Volk Park last week. It’s not a big place, but does host a piece of the Sandusky River. Below are some of the images I captured.




Lead In






These next couple of  images were used in my 365 Project. I perched myself on two different slippery, moss covered rocks in the middle of the river. Even though it was just a trickle of its normal self, it still wasn’t the smartest move on my part, because I had to perform some fancy footwork to keep balance. I don’t really have the money to replace my camera, so if I fell in that would have been the end of my project.


Day 79



Day 80



These last two images are of a pond that sits off of the river…








Thank you for visiting!  You have no idea how much I appreciate it!

Until next time.


5 thoughts on “A Walk Through the Woods

    • lol, I realized my error once it was time to move back to the shore. Granted the water wasn’t that deep nor was the river very wide, but…those rocks were very, very slippery and if I had fallen I would have lost my camera. It seemed like such a great idea initially lol.

    • It’s a fun place to visit. Has a couple nature trails, the river, a bird sanctuary and a few other things to do. The only downside is it’s a small place, so you’re right on top of everyone else.

      I appreciate you visiting and commenting! Thank you!

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