I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, but…

I don’t know nothin’ ’bout growin’ no roses, but…

along the side of my house there are several bushes that bloom fuller and more vibrant every year!

I do nothing to warrant such splendor. I don’t trim them down in the fall, I don’t spray them. Heck, I forget they’re even there until the first blooms of the new spring season.

So, in honor of these persistent ladies, I decided to dedicate this post to them.

Roses 1 blog

Roses 4 blog

Day 75

Roses 5 blog

Rose 2 blog

Thank you for visiting! I truly appreciate it!!

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6 thoughts on “I Never Promised You A Rose Garden, but…

  1. I did not know much about roses until I desired to have them boy did I learn the hard way the best roses to get are those that are extra hardy, always choose roses that are hardy in a zone lower then yours, for example I am zone 5/6 right on the border, so I would see ina catalog that this rose is hardy for zone 5 and I would think okay it will do well here, NOT! now I get roses that are suitable for zones 4 or lowr. another thing I learned is that rugosas and their hybrids do me well, and hybrid teas and floribundas and most climbers do not do well in my yard, I had lost so many roses due to not choosing well. I lost a golden showers, double delight, oranges and lemons shrub, pinata climber, peace climber, black rose, a white one, cant spell hte name, the ones doing the best are species roses, hybrid species, rugosas, new dawn, (which was hardy for zone 4 unprotected and zone 3 protected) bought a canadian rose forgot the name but the flowers are orange and yellow, pretty, a john davis another canadian series climber, a blaze that are first didn’t seem it was going to do well but has these past few years, so it has definitly been a learning and expensive experience.

    • Thank you for your comments Roberta! I appreciate them very much. My roses were here when I bought the place seven or so years ago. I moved in during the winter, New Years Eve to be exact lol, and I’m sure someone said something about a row of roses on the side…I probably just wasn’t listening. Anyway, you know way more than I do about them, with the zones and all. I can’t even tell you which kinds are outside my door, I’m just amazed they come back year after year.

      • awesome must be easy care roses and the person who put them there knew which ones to get. don’t feel bad about not being able to id them there are abut 5000 varieties of roses and so many look so much like each other (but the minor differnces get them their own name) that is hard to tell them apart, just enjoy them,

  2. How lucky to get such pretty flowers for little effort!! I persist in trying to grow a blue garden… that involves a lot of watering – – … silly me… Thanks for the follow!

    • Thank you for your comments, I appreciate it very much. I know people put a lot of work into their gardens and are very proud of their work as they should be.

      I am luckily, whoever planted these roses must have known what they were doing because through droughts, heavy rains and neglect they still bloom every spring.

      You’re welcome for the follow. I very much enjoy reading your blog.

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