Trials and Tribulations of a Renaissance Man

MAN HAS IT BEEN AWHILE since I last updated my blog. I believe my last post was back in May…May! I missed the entire summer and I did some

Where to begin??

fun things that I could have blogged about, I think. So this morning as I drink a cup of coffee and eat a couple Bob Evans breakfast sandwiches, I listen to the last few calls of the summer birds and decide now is the right time to get back into the swing of things.

One question that comes to mind is, since I wasn’t blogging what was I doing? Well, I spent the summer being a Renaissance man. I don’t necessarily mean that as a compliment or even in a Shakespearean sort of way. No, I mean it more as a guy who decided to do a few different things and never really finished any of them. My wife can and will, readily, attest to this. I start books and never finish them, I start projects and only see them part way to completion, blah, blah. What can I say, honestly? She’s right.

I’ll break my summer down for you…

I started the summer of 2012 by working through a best fiction of all-time list with Darling By Day. I started it with

It looks easy enough…

best intentions. I bought White Teeth, more about that in a later blog, and plowed through it in a couple of months. Yes two months, but I finished it. Unfortunately, I never picked up the next book and at this point I forget which one it was supposed to be. But I’ll do it…eventually. I promise.

So, what took up my entire summer Renaisancing, besides taking 2 months to read a 300 page book? Let me see…

IT STARTED WITH A CAMERA! An entry level DSL Canon 1100D T3 and I had to learn everything about it. I snapped image after image, day after day. I overexposed and underexposed. I was in focus and out of focus. Images were in frame and out of frame, but man was it ever frustratingly fun.

I took a photography class in college, so I understood aperture, ISO, shutter speed, so I wasn’t a complete novice. I just needed a little time to re-acquaint myself.

After a few hundred images it occurred to me that I need a place to “showcase” my photography and what better place

but it wasn’t easy at all!!

than my existing website. I haven’t used it for much of anything for some time, shocking, and decided this will be the place. I’m not a graphic designer or even know much, if anything about building or redesigning a website, but still decided to plunge right in.


It was fun scouring personal websites looking for inspiration and motivation and found lots of great things. Most of

which were outside of my ability and left me in a quandary trying to figure out how the redesign was going to look. Anyway, I made my decision and spent the next three or four weeks working on the thing when it occurred to me…

I NEED TO EDIT all these images before “showcasing” them. How audacious of me to even consider placing unedited

In the end, were still friends!

images on a website, that no one will ever visit, for the world to see? To protect myself from that embarrassment I bought Photoshop Elements 10. I’ve spent the remainder of the summer buying How To books, watching YouTube clips on how to make my images look the best they can. As with anything there was a learning curve. There were some successes and some disasters. Images that I forgot to save after editing and some that I edited the original image…Oh well, the trials and tribulations of a renaissance man.

Anyway, that was my summer. Thanks for reading.


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