Here I sit at my computer hoping to bang out something worth reading.  That’s what I decided to do with my free time this evening.  How did I get free time?  That’s a good question.  My wife took our daughter to see The Vow.

“Why didn’t you go?” someone asks incredulously.

Really?  You needed to ask it like that?  It’s The Vow for Pete’s sake… and I vowed never to see it and so far I have been faithful to it.  I mean, I didn’t skip out on watching an Oscar nominated film or anything.  And I’m guessing it’s just another overused, tired love story that has been told countless times before.  Right?  You know what I’m talking about.  The ones that make women believe that real life should play out like those 90 minute lives they just watched on that big assed screen.  Perhaps it isn’t like that at all and how would I know since I didn’t go with them, but I’m content with my decision.

Honestly, how was this book not written by Nicolas Sparks?  It seems to contain very Sparksian elements in its story line.  Even the darn title is Sparksian.

Alright, enough with The Vow.  If I keep writing about it, I might as well went to see it.

I’m going to upfront with you, I’m not entirely free this evening.   My son is home with me, but he’s deeply engrossed in some PS3 game he’s been playing for two years.  Must be a good one.  So, I guess, technically, in all actuality, I’m home alone.


What do I do?

I could read some more of White Teeth.  The book on the Time’s 100 Best Novels List I was jabbering on about last week, but I like to save that for bed.  I’m not sure why, exactly, because it only puts me to sleep.  Not because it’s a bad book or anything like that, but that’s just what my body thinks it’s supposed to do when you stretch out and relax with the television blaring, wife snoring, dog barking, cat purring and the harsh glow of my e-reader filling in the crevices the TV illumination can’t reach.  Is it any wonder I fall fast asleep?

Sometimes I doze off holding my NookColor and unwittingly advance pages.  That’s really disorienting when I stir from my slumber, wipe the drool from the screen and start reading again.  Hey, I don’t remember any of this rubbish.  No wonder, I’m not on page  347!  The last I remember I was on page 32.  Ahhh, that explains things.

Definitely that is for later tonight.


I could take some pictures for this blog because outside an impressive storm is brewing.  There are some very large, lumbering thunderheads rolling overhead, but there’s a frigging flag pole smack dab in the middle of my back yard.  That’s not so bad because I could photoshop it out, but I don’t have Photoshop.  Sure that’s a generic term these days and you know what I mean.  I just don’t want to mess around with it really.

Of course I could just walk beyond the flag pole to snap me some clouds photos, but is that safe during a thunderstorm?  Probably not, I would say.

Maybe I could take some pictures of me sitting on the couch contemplating, all The Thinker like.  On second thought, haven’t we seen enough of those one armed photos in this  lifetime?  I, for one, have and I refuse to join the club.


I could watch a movie on my new bedroom TV, compliments of the unnamed.  However, I do that all the time actually.  So, should I spend my, essentially, free night watching another one?  No way!!  My wife will be asleep by 9:30, I’ll pop Moneyball in the DVD player and be asleep by 10.  I’m going to save this one for later also.


What else is there?  I want to redesign my website or at the very least update it, but I would like to figure too.  I was reading about web mapping from to my website and discovered there’s a yearly fee(?) and that sorta pissed me off.  That’s going on the back burner too.


After the myriad options at my disposal, I sit here on writing this post.  Obviously I wasn’t that peed off at them after all.

I hope your evening wasn’t as mundane as mine…did you see what I did there?

Until next time…


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