Life Lesson Day 2 & The Great…whatever

A day or so ago I wrote about restructuring my day to accommodate some of the things I enjoy doing, such as reading, writing and tweaking my website. I have to admit it’s going well! Granted it’s only day 2 of the the restructuring, but still, that’s an accomplishment. I’ve heard or read somewhere you have to do something 20 consecutive days in order for it to become a habit. I wonder if that is true? Certainly I’ve done something 20 days in a row…and if I did it wasn’t habit forming, because I’m not doing it today that I’m aware of. I’ll have to see how this restructuring thing feels after 3 weeks. Habit or not.

Anyway, waking and staying awake at 6am hasn’t been so terribly bad. I imagined horrible things happening to me, like falling asleep at inopportune times, hallucinations, eating disorders, etc…no adverse effects at all! I actually feel a little better, but that may just be pride poking at me though. I’ve made some writing and reading progress. For example, this may be my 3rd or 4th blog in as many days. Unparallelled heights for me. Maybe 6am isn’t the monster I once thought it was.

I even feel better about the the whole collapsible menu thing for my website. I’m not about to declare eminent victory this morning, but I did find some html/css/jquery Drop Down Menu code that worked on my dummy site. I asked myself last night what’s the difference between Collapsible and Drop Down Menus and I couldn’t answer myself. I bet Google can though. The DDM works and feels just as I want, so if there is a difference it’s irrelevant to me at this point.

One last thing before I go…tomorrow morning is my first “How Much Weight Have I Lost This Week” weigh-in. I’m kind of excited for it. I think/hope I lost at least 3 pounds.

Until next time…Happy Blogging!!


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