Web Design Headache of the Day

Snap shot of onemundanelife

Well, this is my first blog post for 1mlife and it’s going to be about today’s web designing headache. Actually, I have these quit often and this one is turning into a 2 day migraine. I’m trying to figure out Collapsible Menus from a book, Creating a Website – The Missing Manual, and various, less than informative websites. A quick disclaimer, I say less than informative, but I bet to a well seasoned veteran it all makes sense. To me, it’s mostly Greek.

Anyway, I get the main panel in place, no problem, but when I add the code for the collapsing pieces, parts of it disappear. It was quit an amazing thing to witness initially, but not so fun after 2 days. I think it has something to do with the Java Script, which I have absolutely no comprehension of at all as I’m still trying to sort out html and css for now and duping the JScript. I think maybe I’m leaving something out of the html code that doesn’t properly call the script. That’s just a guess to by the way, I really have no idea. Eventually, I’ll figure it out, even if I have to involve my web designing brother-in-law.

I’ve vented my frustration a little I know, but I do truly enjoy doing this. It’s astonishing that a string of text, properly organized in a simple notepad file, will produce a fully functional website! I wish I had started doing this years ago.

If you’re interested in visiting the site, it’s http://www.onemundanelife.com

Thanks for reading. I’ll be back tomorrow.


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