The Gypsy, The Coward and Marblehead Oh.

This past weekend turned out to be a boon for my family and I.  Not only did my son and I stumble across a classic car show (see my post, One Day Driving Through Town) but, we also got to spend the remainder of the day at one of my favorite locations in all of Ohio…Marblehead. Perched on the shores of Lake Erie and the home to Ben Richmond, this little town is truly a place to see.  I look forward to our handful of visits each summer.

I say this a lot and my wife can vouch for it, but I wouldn’t mind living there.  Even with the freezing cold winters and the higher cost of living, I still think it could work out for us.  My wife and kids feel differently than I do and only mildly acknowledge my musings about such matters. They’ve become immune to my relocation antics.  I remember when we journeyed to Disney World and I made it a mission of mine to be Mickey Mouse and work for the “Happiest Place On Earth”.  I wasn’t just a kid dreaming either, mind you.  I was well into my 20’s.  Virginia Beach, I wanted to be a Navy SEAL.  I went out and bought a Navy Seal workout book and found out that it was a lot of work and, of course, deadly. Not to mention the fact that I can’t swim and they’re called Seals for a reason.  I’m guessing I  must be part gypsy, because from time to time I get restless and want a new adventure. Right now that adventure has Marblehead written all over it.

I even enjoy the drive up and seeing all the small towns we pass through.  They’re quaint and quiet and for some reason remind me of a Stephen King novel.  So perfect looking that there must be something sinister lurking just beneath the surface.  I catch myself looking for any indication that I may be right, such as a store named Needful Things, or a rabid dog, or a clown in the sewers, but of course none of these things crop up.

So, we survived the car show, a late start, the Stephen King-esque towns, now it’s time for lunch.  Normally I kick and scream for Big Boppers chili.  The best chili I ever had in my life by the way.  But this time we packed a picnic and ate at East Harbor right on the lake.  It was so scenic with the sailboats bobbing about the choppy water.  I’m so grateful the water didn’t have that Lake Erie smell permeating the air that it sometimes does.

After a couple quick stops we arrive at the Marblehead Lighthouse.  What a great place to kickback and relax.  One can stretch out on the grass, do some fishing from the limestone banks or watch these amazing boats cutting across the water.  The lighthouse itself was closed due to some renovations so we weren’t able to serpentine to the top, which was fine by me, because I’m afraid of heights.  That’s right, I’m coward about a lot of things and heights is one of them.

As with any trip away from home, we had our close calls …

our brushes with death.  Yes, that’s a blue dinosaur!

So, on a day when the gypsy danced and the coward persevered, it was a great day.  The coward may whisper convincing words of comfort in my ear , reminding why I should not move my family from their home or why it’s a good idea to keep both feet squarly on the ground, but he can’t keep memories from being made.


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