One Day Driving Through Town…

I was mildly surprised Saturday morning.  While my son and I were driving home after running some errands, we stumbled upon a classic car show that was setting up in the middle of town!   Not a whole lot happens in this desolate place and when it does it’s not usually very interesting.  We have a festival in the Fall that serves  beer and food and local bands who play the same cover songs year in and year out, but not much more beyond that.  I wish we had something cool like the Testicle Festival that goes off every year in a town near by.  Now that’s something to get excited about.  Luckily,  The Boy loves muscle cars right now, so we decided to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

I’m not much of a car guy, especially cars that  are older than myself and that’s getting harder and harder to say these days.  I’m more of a “classy” car person than a classic car enthusiast.  BMW’s, Volvo’s, Mercedes, those rides get my attention and unfortunately none of those made an appearance (disclaimer: I drive a Nissan mini van and don’t own one of those “classy” cars).  Although, not a fan, these cars do look pretty flashy.  Even at 40+ years old they’re in better shape then my vehicle.  Heck, they’re in better shape than I am!

As The Boy and I worked our way from car to truck listening to the golden oldies music being played, I got caught in a time-warp.  I found myself imagining a time when these beasts roamed the land.  I don’t remember seeing these dragons tearing up the roadways growing up,  but they must have still been breathing fire even then.  These were the carriages of my parent’s and grandparent’s days. I was ran over by how cool it must have been to cruise around in such machinery.  Listening to Frank Sinatra and the Isley Brothers.  My memories are of the AMC Pacer, the Pinto and of course the Gremlin, astonishingly none of those were invited to walked the red carpet.

My one regret is that I didn’t take a picture of The Monkees car.  It was there!  I’m not sure that too many people know who they are these days, but thanks to my parents I fondly remember their music.  Not the tv show, I wasn’t around for that, but I did buy a Greatest Hits album once.  Yes, an LP.  Even though I have that one regret, I did get this picture of my son, the green car and that amazing smile.  His favorite car of all of them.

So, on this beautiful, late summer day an unexpected Father/Son moment materialized out of nowhere that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.  My hope is that one future day, when he’s out running errands with his children, they’ll have a chance to stumble across one of these shows themselves and create a moment of their own.  And if he is lucky beyond belief, maybe they’ll find a 2002 Nissan Voyager parked among the”Classic” cars.


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