Chess and the Aestheticism of Life

I love Chess…

the smell of the wood board, the ornateness of the pieces, the aestheticism of the game.  I just can’t get enough of this torturous blood sport and I’m not even good at it.  As a matter of fact I’m flat-out lousy.  And yet, I subject myself to merciless beating after merciless beating and come back asking for more.  You may say I’m tenacious, but being tenacious should bring some reward, right?   Michael Jordan was tenacious and that tenacity won him 6 rings.  One thing for sure, I won’t be considered the MJ of chess.

but, I’ve come to this conclusion…

that I just don’t have a broad enough mind to be successful at it.  I barely understand why I’m moving this one piece, let alone knowing how this move is going to affect the match later on down the road.  It takes a unique intellect for sure.  One I don’t have.  I’m not dumb mind you, I just don’t get any better at playing is all.  In all actuality, I’m probably getting worse the more I play.  And that’s no lie either.

It’s not all bad though…

As I’ve made improvements in other parts of my life…like driving.  That’s right, I may not be able to employ a successful chess strategy, but put me in traffic and I’m calculating what the 5 cars in front of me are going to do.   I’m gauging speed, head movements, vehicle indicator lights and I process it all to my advantage.  I know when to jump lanes, accelerate, brake, to signal or not to signal and when to flip off the driver next to me.  I’m a far more aggressive driver since I began playing chess.

My kids use to have the jump on me in the a.m, but not anymore.  As soon as my spider senses pick up any child like movement, I begin my engagement.  My son will hit the bathroom first before anything else. I know he’ll slam the door and wake up my daughter.  I also know, if I don’t get to the television and the laptop before they do, the electronics are gone for the day.  With the morning grogginess still enveloping them, they don’t even see the checkmate coming.  I make a dash for the living room tv and while cutting through the dining room I grab the laptop.  VICTORY is mine!!  Nothing is sweeter than seeing the surprise on their faces when they walk into the room and see me with all the gadgets.

it’s all about Aestheticism…

Even though the artful dance of chess eludes me, it has made me a better tactician everywhere else.  I’m not a finely carved wood King, but I’ve found a way to outsmart my kids a little longer (that is until they figure out a gambit of their own).

and that’s a beautiful thing!!


6 thoughts on “Chess and the Aestheticism of Life

    • Thank you! I love to play. Right now I’m addicted Chesspresso on my phone. I used to play for hours at a time a few years age and then got away from it. Just recently picked it up again.

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