Randy Pausch, Jeff Zaslow and The Last Lecture

I was just recently introduced to the story of Randy Pausch and his Last Lecture during a business meeting in Minneapolis.  One of the speakers was Jeff Zaslow, who told a heart wrenching story that both touched and moved me.  Some may say that these two words are interchangeable, you may be right in most cases, but not this one.  This man’s fight against cancer, his persistant optimism, his head fakes, all touched me.  I know similar stories are obscurely told hundreds of times a year, but to see it unfold in front of me through the elegant wording of Zaslow was different.

It made me think…

Made me think how fortunate I am to be me.  To be the person, in the life, that God has blessed me with.  Here was a guy who had every reason imaginable to be angry, miserable, defeated, but he wasn’t any of these things.  He rose above and lived an amazing life.  In a world with the all the scientific advances at it’s finger tips, he could have railed about how unfair it is that there isn’t a cure for this disease.  How could we rid the world of Small Pox with a candle and a test tube, but we can’t find a cure for cancer?  But he didn’t.  Instead, he persevered.  He rose above.  He inspired.

He moved me…

He moved me to enjoy life one day at a time.  To not take life, that is fleeting at best, for granted.  To savor each and every moment of it.  We’re all on borrowed time as our hourglass of life sifts to its end.  However, unlike Randy, I don’t know when my end will come knocking or if I’ll have time to make an impact on my family when that knock does come.  I’ve been moved to not wait for that moment.

No more finding excuses for missed opportunities.  No more “I’ll wait until tomorrow” as tomorrow may be too late.  No more unhappy days as I have a finite amount of them and will refuse to spend one more in negativity.  I may not inspire anyone more than me, but I’ll be a better person for my family and friends.

I normally complain about going to these meetings twice a year and I did again this year.  But this one was different, I was changed.  Changed for the better.

Thank you Jeff Zaslow for sharing your story!

Thank you Randy Pausch for inspiring one more person!





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